University of Münster

The Institute of Sport and Exercise Sciences (IfS) is part of Department 07 Psychology and Sport and Exercise Sciences at the Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster (WWU). In the Active Aging Lab, they look at active ageing in two ways: (a) exploring how to move and how this can be reported, (b) maintaining and increasing mobility, which includes interventions and resulting changes. The lab’s target groups range from young adults to people in old age, with a spectrum from healthy seniors to care cases.

Role in the Project

WWU as coordinator is responsible for the project’s overall management and for the coordination of the Project Result related to the content development of the project due to its academic expertise.

Team Members

Michael Brach

Anna Wittig


Ellen Bentlage

Jill Lilian Mandel

Samira Jaske

Vanessa Hübert