PIKEI New Technologies

PIKEI – New Technologies is a software company actively located in Patras, Greece. The company is active on cutting edge ICT technologies including IoT, cloud services and Blockchain-enabled applications.

The company is already involved in important research and development projects both at national and European level. Team members are experienced Electrical and Computer Engineers with significant experience in project implementation and delivery.

PIKEI also provides consulting services on accelerating software delivery and improving service quality based on Continuous Integration / Continuous Development (CI/CD) principles and best practices.

Role in the Project

PIKEI’s main role in PA4AGE project focuses on PR3 - E-platform development and validation and main activities are:

  • To deliver an online platform, based on MOOC principles, that will gather user’s profile and allow the professional instructors to coach, monitor, and actively advise the users.
  • To develop a mobile app for delivering PA4AGE modules’ content via smartphones and mobile devices.

PIKEI, as a technical partner, is also responsible for the overall technical developments beyond the e-learning platform, like the project’s website and social channels as well as all the aesthetic matters (logos, leaflets) of the project.

Team Members

Christos Panagiotou

Dimitris Karadimas

Ilias Konstantinopoulos