PA4AGE at a Glance

Despite the highly publicized benefits of physical activity, the overwhelming majority of older people throughout Europe does not meet the minimum physical activity levels needed to maintain health. The sedentary lifestyles that predominate in older age results in premature onset of ill health, disease and frailty.

The PA4AGE (Promotion Of Physical Activity For The Third Age) is a project funded by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union aiming at promoting physical activity, as one of the most important components in the notion of active ageing by changing older people’s mindset, and encouraging their participation to physical activity at any form and intensity, and under any physical condition, for improving their quality of life in physical, mental and social terms.

The PA4AGE project has two main targets:

  • DIRECT: Adults from various professional profiles around the promotion of active ageing for older people
  • INDIRECT: People in third age and their caregivers that need to know more about including physical activity, in their daily routine, or need a motivation to abandon their passive or sedentary lifestyles.

The promotion of healthy ageing is thus a growing policy priority, It is therefore important to undertake initiatives that:

  1. promote physical activity as a crucial component for the adaptation and cultivation of active ageing lifestyle, that presupposes the empowerment of people in third age to enjoy their participation in all aspects of social and economic life
  2. subvert the seemingly contradictory co-existence between biological decline and promotion of active or healthy ageing.