3rd Transnational Project Meeting in Köln

The European Group for Research into Elderly and Physical Activity (EGREPA) hosted the 3rd Transnational Project Meeting of PA4AGE’s project on 9th and 10th May in Köln (DE).

All the partners, PIKEI and FRODIZO from Greece, ISRAA from Italy and Münster University from Germany actively participated at the meeting which was planned to proceed in structuring training for professionals and older with the aim of best promoting physical activity in old age. There are always important premises that make part of the cultural identity of the consortium meetings since day 1: ideas exchange and collaborative work in between consortium partners.

The 1st day was held in a training room where the Consortium partners discussed the project’s progress, the challenges encountered so far and the next steps with a working session organized around the contents for PR2: E-learning course development in charge of FRODIZO. The partners discussed a lot about the Benefits of Exercise and Practical guidelines about how a professional in the field of physical activity can motivate older adults to practice movement with the communication on change approach to maintain a positive attitude toward changes.

The 2nd day was dedicated to the implementation of the content's material in the e-learning platform and in the mobile app that will be developed by PIKEI.

Which is the best way to make the course attractive and usable? The consortium partners will finalize these aspects during the summertime to meet each other again in the Learning Teaching Training Activities (LTTA) that will be hosted by PIKEI in Patras (EL) in November 2023 to prepare the pilot phase and test the platform and the mobile app.

See you there and stay active!